Spirit Tasting Sessions

with Black Mountain Botanicals

Journey through seven delicious spirits as the team take you from field to bottle. This beautiful distillery, based in Herefordshire, offers a fabulous insight into their flavours, spirits and how to serve them.

Sessions: £15 per person 
Time: 1.30pm on both festival days

Lloyd the head distiller of Black Mountains Botanicals has a background in science and engineering before opening the distillery with best friend and publican, Glyn. Having the science background helped aid the development of their award winning spirits, the engineering supporting the design and construction of their two copper stills Twmpa  and Trixie and fortunately both have a great palette.

Black Mountains Botanicals is the only field to bottle independently owned distillery in Herefordshire that produces vodka, gin rum and the latest creation, working with the sister company, Black Mountain Roast, to produce a Colombian cold brew coffee liqueur, which makes them the only company in the country to produce their own vodka and coffee and combine it to make Los Cafeteros. Find out more here