Savage BBQ Demonstrations

We are happy to announce fire masters Savage BBQ are joining us at the event, offering 3 demo’s a day in our new dedicated feature area at Three Counites Food and Drink Festival. There will be a display of their kit and some in use during their demo’s.

A Nottinghamshire business making and selling South American style Fire Cage BBQ’s for Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs & Caterers.  For most of us, the draw of live fire cooking can’t be matched, as well as the incredible taste and smells that come with it.

Saturday & Sunday Sessions
Available at the festival


Introducing the Rocket Grill! Savage BBQ’s latest offering – you don’t want to miss this! We’ll be joined by Ashleigh Gardner who’ll be showing you what this grill’s made of with Korean style pulled pork and vegetable fritters that will make your mouth water! 


Meet the Savage BBQ ANTIKRISTO. Traditional Greek style cooking by flame. In the hills of Crete, shepherds would quarter either goat or lamb, skewered on this beautiful BBQ and leave to slow cook all day ready for their return. Watch and enjoy the sights and smells and enjoy a taster session of what’s cooking. 


Savage Boss Eddy will be showcasing his pride and joy – the Fire Cage 1800 in all its flaming glory. Find out about how it works, what’s his favourite things to fire cook and all the incredible accessories that go with it. Prepare to be amazed!

PLUS Special guest Darren Grice from Lolulis Fire & Fish will be demo-ing how to fire cook some beautiful fresh fish and seafood. Not to be missed!

Their Fire Cages come in 3 different designs, the Original, the V2 & the Pro – and can be used indoors in professional kitchens, outside or on the go for events. They have now sold hundreds of cages to customers around the UK who are loving the show-stopping uniqueness of these incredible BBQ’s.

They are a family business, both born and bred in Nottinghamshire, who started the company in lockdown, hand-making their Fire Cages from their workshop.

They would love to have a chat to you about bringing the ancient and primal style of cooking into your home. Everything they make can be bespoke to suit your every need.

Please take a look at their website HERE